My client had strong acoustic knowledge and manufacturing capabilities but limited design inspiration.  Their primary request was to have "beautiful"  room to room speakers worthy of being displayed in a home.  Inspired by architecture and geometrical form purity, these wireless speakers combined artistic elegance, world class sound, portability and a true 360 degrees sound experience.
My role as design lead was to manage a team of 3-4 designers and engineers domestically and overseas from concept to DVT prototyping.  Other responsibilities included user and market research, CAD modeling, CMF studies, rendering and design development.
Designed at LemonPeelDesign 2017-2019
Purity of form, architectural, sculptural, iconic were some of the words that inspired the design direction.  
Market research was conducted to get more insights into the user wants and needs. 
Concepts explored included, table + wall mounted options, acoustic enhancing materials and forms.  New materials such as 3D fabric and 3D printed meshes were also explored.  Simple yet Iconic shapes were preferred using high quality materials such as alloys.
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