Designer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of diverse international experience in large multinationals, consultancies and startups, with experience in leading and managing the full design process from research to market ready.   Highly interested and involved in user-centered design approaches which are not only innovative but improves user experiences.  Problem solving and story telling are daily activities in which I enjoy sharing within creative teams.  During this time I was fortunate to have worked with large tech teams such as Sharp and Foxconn and small exciting start-ups such as HED Social. 

Design specialties include, design thinking and strategy , user research, development design, CMF design, and extensive experience with overseas manufacturers.  UX Design experience includes wireframing, user testing and good knowledge in agile and sprint processes.

Having lived in both North America and Asia has further expanded my appreciation for cultural diversity and allowed me to adapt to new ways of doing things. Fluent in 3 languages, love traveling the world with an open mind and a camera in-hand . Active in various sports and yes... I grow my own fruits and veggies.

Gianluca Camarda
Los Angeles California

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