Catchers are often perceived as fat and slow.  This had to change and a better story was needed.  Bio-mimicry, human anatomy and speed, were key inspirations for the 2013 Easton Mako catchers gear.  Speaking with pros and understanding the user needs provided great insights on how to improve the gear.  Over 90% of catchers throw with their right arm and catch with the left, so why make symmetrical designed gear.  The 2013 Mako catchers gear was worn by minor and major league players.  
As the senior industrial designer, I led the team of 3 designers junior and interns, and coordinated with development teams in Asia from concept to market ready.  I led the initiative to conduct user testing and research, allowing the team to gather insights.   
Designed at Easton Sports in 2012-2013  
Human Inspired
Gathering insights
Collaborative design team ideation sketches
Collaborative design team prototypes
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