in 2019, my client Inseat Solutions, was manufacturing an innovative water dispensing machine for their client Skywell.  This dispenser was able to extract water through air and convert into filtered, drinkable water.  
I was asked to provide industrial design concepts, mainly focused on the look and feel.  
As the project was rushed and I wasn't fully satisfied with the final results, I took it upon myself to revise the design as a personal project.

Project History
The original design size requested by the client was too low and the proportions didn't make sense.  It required too much bending for the user to operate.  The controls were also not intuitive.
Clean and minimal elements, create timeless design, use design to guide user functionality.  
Extracts water by absorbing the room humidity, and provides filtered, drinkable water at various temperatures.
User can adjust tray height to accommodate different bottle heights
Exterior paneling CMF can be customized.
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